Europe: the new legal realism: essays in honor of Hjalte Rasmussen

Europe: the new legal realism: essays in honor of Hjalte Rasmussen

Europe: the new legal realism: essays in honor of Hjalte Rasmussen

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XVI, 860 pages ; 24 cm

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Useful for students learning an area of law, Europe: the new legal realism: essays in honor of Hjalte Rasmussen is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Publishers: DJØF Pub.International Specialized Book Services
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  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Country/State: Denmark
  • Number of Editions: 3 editions
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  • Last edition Date: 2010
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Main Contents

Hjalte Rasmussen
nemo propheta in patria sua / Joseph Weiler
On law and policy in the European Court of Justice: an American perspective / Karen J. Alter
Europe's nemesis? The long road to the Lisbon Treaty / Anthony Arnull
Reasoning from consequences from Luxembourg / Joxerramon Bengoetxea
Has the Court of Justice ever taken integration too far? / Peter Biering
Lindqvist revisited
Issues concerning EU data protection law / Peter Blume
“Plus VIte, plus haut, plus fort!”: quelques re?flexions sur l'inte?gration europe?enne / Vlad Constantinesco
Coping with numbers: voting, enhanced cooperation and amendment / Paul Craig
Delegation of sovereignty
Article 20 of the Danish Constitution: the story of a successful operation but a dead patient? / Jens Hartig Danielsen
From integration through law to governance: has the course of European integration changed? / Renaud Dehousse, Laurie Boussaguet and Sophie Jacquot
Market access, restrictions on the use of lawfully marketed products and Article 34 TFEU / Niels Fenger and S?ren Sch?nberg
Judicial review
a new dawn after Lisbon? / Laurence W. Gormley
Conflict of norms when different sources of law interact / Karsten Hagel-Sorensen
European tourists of history and imagination
Berlin, July 24, 2008: an epiphany / Ulrich Haltern
26 skridt frem
og et stort skridt tilbage. En kommentar til offentlighedskommissionens betaenkning / Carsten Henrichsen
Access by individuals to judicial review in EU law
still an issue of concern? / Francis Jacobs
Metock as a shock? The struggle between rights and sovereignty / Catherine Jacqueson
Nonsense: the CILFIT criteria revisited
from the perspective of legal linguistics / Anne Lise Kjaer
On character and caricature. Freedom of speech or freedom to scorn? / Henning Koch
Bundesverfassungsgerichts Lissabon-dom
og grundlovens section 20 / Per Lachmann
Some remarks on adjudicators' reasons / Ole Lando
The ECJ's relationship with other international courts and tribunals / Nikolaos Lavranos
Persuasive Pamesa: not running wild with the CISG / Joseph Lookofsky
Scandinavian (Neo- )Realism and European courts: a VIew from Strasbourg / Mikael Rask Madsen
Interpreting European law
on why and how law and policy meet at the European Court of Justice / Miguel Poiares Maduro
When national courts go to Europe. Reluctant or active players in the integration process? / Dorte S. Martinsen and Marlene Wind
The European openness of the German constitution in the light of the jurisprudence of the Federal Constitutional Court
a systematic stocktaking / Peter-Christian Mu?ller-Graff
Domstole, forfatninger og retssystemer. Et politologisk essay / Peter Nedergaard
Laval, metock and the recent Nordic debate on judicial review / Jaokim Nergelius
Legal realism and EU law / Ruth Nielsen
gr?n judiciel aktivisme eller retssikkerhed …? / Peter Pagh
The EU and national democracy! How membership has led to democratisation but also democratic challenges / Ove K. Pedersen
On law and policy in a European and European Union Patent Court (EEUPC)
what will it do to patent law and what will patent law do to it? / Clement Salung Petersen and Jens Schovsbo
Constructing and deconstructing 'constitutional' European law: some reflections on how to study the history of European law / Morten Rasmussen
'Worrying about Europe': Chinese law and the changing context of EU legal scholarship / Francis Snyder
The emancipation of legal dissonance / Alexander Somek
On law or policy in the European Court of Justice: Van gend en Loos and Costa v. ENEL / Ole Spiermann
The Court of Justice of the European Union, public procurement and in-house contracts
a critique of Case C-480/06, Commission v. Germany / Michael Steinicke
From a European to a global approach
reflections on the position of comparative law in legal education / Ditlev Tamm
Between two legal orders: a relativist doctrine for a member state constitutional court? / Lubos Tichy? and Toma?s Dumbrovsky?
European Kadi law
on terror financing, asset freezing and human rights / J?rn Vestergaard
Proportionality lost
proportionality regained? / Erik Werlauff
A European mandate on the Czech Constitutional Court / Jiri Zemanek.

Summary Note

On 18 December 2010, Hjalte Rasmussen will turn 70. His colleagues and friends will mark the occasion by this Festschrift, with contributors from all over the world. It is the exquisite privilege of the Centre for European Constitutionalization at the Faculty of Law to commemorate his birthday by publishing the present work. '''

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