European financing laws

European financing laws

European financing laws

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  • Creator or Attribution (Responsibility): Robert L. Drake
  • Language: English
  • Jurisdiction(s): England
  • Publication Information: Chichester : Chancery Law Pub. ; Colorado Springs, CO : J. Wiley, ©1994
  • Material: Internet resource
  • Type: Book, Internet Resource
  • Series title: European practice library.
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XIV, 406 pages ; 25 cm.

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Useful for students learning an area of law, European financing laws is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Responsable Person: edited by Robert Drake and James Rider.
  • Publication Date: 1994
  • Copyright Date: 1994
  • Location: Chichester
  • Country/State: England
  • Number of Editions: 12 editions
  • First edition Date: 1992
  • Last edition Date: 1994
  • General Notes: Includes index.
  • Languages: English
  • Library of Congress Code: KJC6433
  • Dewey Code: 346.407
  • ISBN: 0471936561 9780471936565
  • OCLC: 29429670

Main Contents

The Czech Republic
The Netherlands

Summary Note

A guide to the legislation governing financial services and assistance across Europe. Written on a country-by-country basis, it considers the legal aspects of financing relevant to each country, offering analyses of the relevant laws and sources. '''

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