Law and the illicit in medieval Europe

Law and the illicit in medieval Europe

Law and the illicit in Medieval Europe

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  • Creators or Attribution (Responsibility): Ruth Mazo Karras, E. Ann Matter, Joel Kaye
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1 online resource (XVIII, 315 pages)

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Useful for students learning an area of law, Law and the illicit in medieval Europe is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
  • Responsable Person: edited by Ruth Mazo Karras, Joel Kaye, and E. Ann Matter.
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Country/State: Pennsylvania
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Main Contents

Preface Introduction: The Reordering of Law and the Illicit in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Europe -Edward M. Peters PART I: LEGAL SYSTEMS Chapter 1: A Fresh Look at Medieval Sanctuary -William Chester Jordan Chapter 2: Heresy as Politics and the Politics of Heresy, 1022-1180 -R. I. Moore Chapter 3: Legal Ethics: A Medieval Ghost Story -James Brundage Chapter 4: The Ties That Bind: Legal Status and Imperial Power -James Muldoon PART II: WRITING THE LAW Chapter 5: Licit and Illicit in the Yarnall Collection at the University of Pennsylvania: Pages from the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX -Robert Somerville Chapter 6: Judicial Violence and Torture in the Carolingian Empire -Patrick Geary Chapter 7: The Ambiguity of Treason in Anglo-Norman-French Law, c. 1150-c. 1250 -Stephen D. White Chapter 8: Illicit Religion: The Case of Friar Matthew Grabow, O.P. -John Van Engen Chapter 9: Marriage, Concubinage, and the Law -Ruth Mazo Karras PART III: CASES AND TRIALS Chapter 10: Crusaders' Rights Revisited: The Use and Abuse of Crusader Privileges in Early Thirteenth-Century France -Jessalynn Bird Chapter 11: Learned Opinion and Royal Justice: The Role of Paris Masters of Theology During the Reign of Philip the Fair -William J. Courtenay Chapter 12: Coin and Punishment in Medieval Venice -Alan M. Stahl PART IV: LAW BEYOND THE LAW Chapter 13: Licit and Illicit in the Rhetoric of the Investiture Conflict -Alex Novikoff Chapter 14: Satisfying the Laws: The Legenda of Maria of Venice -Susan Mosher Stuard Chapter 15: Canon Law and Chaucer on Licit and Illicit Magic -Henry Ansgar Kelly Chapter 16: Law and Science: Constructing a Border Between Licit and Illicit Knowledge in the Writings of Nicole Oresme -Joel Kaye List of Abbreviations Notes List of Contributors Index Acknowledgments

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In the popular imagination, the Middle Ages are often associated with lawlessness. However, historians have long recognized that medieval culture was characterized by an enormous respect for law and legal procedure. This book makes the case that one cannot understand the era's cultural trends without considering the profound development of law.

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