Legal convergence in the enlarged Europe of the new millennium

Legal convergence in the enlarged Europe of the new millennium

Legal convergence in the enlarged Europe of the new millennium

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  • Creator or Attribution (Responsibility): Paul Torremans
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  • Publication Information: The Hague ; Boston : Kluwer Law International, ©2000
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Useful for students learning an area of law, Legal convergence in the enlarged Europe of the new millennium is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Publisher: Kluwer Law International
  • Responsable Person: edited by Paul L.C. Torremans.
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Copyright Date: 2000
  • Location: The Hague
  • Country/State: Netherlands
  • Number of Editions: 7 editions
  • First edition Date: 2000
  • Last edition Date: 2000
  • Languages: English
  • Library of Congress Code: KJC158
  • Dewey Code: 349.4
  • ISBN: 9041113371 9789041113375
  • OCLC: 44266234

Main Contents

1. Poland on the Way to the European Union: From Association to Accession in the Context of Environmental Policy; G. Grabowska. 2. Europe's Implementation of Global Policies to Regulate the Transfrontier Movement of Hazardous Waste; J. Woodliffe. 3. Moral Rights or Droit Moral: An Anglo-Polish Comparison; W. Kowalski, P. Torremans. 4. The Proposed Droit de Suite: A Critique and a Euro-Polish Comparison; P. Torremans. 5. Purchase of a Stolen Work of Art; W. Kowalski. 6. Restitution of Stolen and Illegally Exported Cultural Objects under the Unidroit Convention; I. Stamatoudi. 7. Public Morality Laws and the Creation and Appreciation of Art: The Postmodern Western Experience; P. Kearns. 8. The Principle of Division of State Power and its Current Constitutional Significance; R. Malajny. 9. Prosecuting War Crimes by the ad hoc Tribunals and by the Future Permanent International Criminal Court; J. Nowakowska-Malusecka. 10. The Position of Third-country Nationals Post Amsterdam: Reinforcing the Security Agenda; R. Cholewinski. 11. States, Individuals and Minorities: The Precarious Balance; M. Shaw. 12. The New Polish Act on Aliens; Selected Aspects of Fundamental Human Rights; B. Mikolajczyk. 13. English Legal Education: From Doctrinalism to Pluralism; F. Cownie. 14. English University Legal Education: Elite Education or Mass Education? A. Bradney. 15. Co-operative Principles and Law Reform in the UK: Wider Lessons? I. Snaith. 16. The Problems of Disabled Persons in Poland; M. Taniewska-Peszko. 17. Legal and Institutional Framework of Regional Policy in Poland in the Context of Accession; M. Zielinski. Index.

Summary Note

In 1997, the Law Faculties of the universities of Silesia and Leicester began a joint research and academic co-operation programme, supported by the British Council in Warsaw, and resulting in academic conferences in Leicester and Katowice. This book is the result of these conferences.

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