Sourcebook on French law

Sourcebook on French law

Sourcebook on French law

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  • Creator or Attribution (Responsibility): David Pollard
  • Biografical Information: David Pollard has many years experience of writing on French Law, of organising and teaching for the Leicester University Law with French degree, and of teaching in French universities. For this he was created Chevalier dans l'ordre des Palmes Acad
  • Language: English
  • Jurisdiction(s): England
  • Publication Information: London : Cavendish Pub., 1998
  • Material: Internet resource
  • Type: Book, Internet Resource
  • Series title: Cavendish Publishing sourcebook series.
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XXVIII, 379 pages ; 23 cm.

Purpose and Intended Audience

Useful for students learning an area of law, Sourcebook on French law is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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Bibliographic information

  • Responsable Person: David Pollard.
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Country/State: England
  • Number of Editions: 13 editions
  • First edition Date: 1996
  • Last edition Date: 1998
  • Languages: English, French
  • Language Notes: English and French.
  • Library of Congress Code: KJV234
  • Dewey Code: 349.44
  • ISBN: 1859411878 9781859411872
  • OCLC: 40578800

Publisher Description:

This unique work presents over 350 French legal source materials,including the Constutution and related documents, extracts from codes, statutes and regulations, decisions of the courts (ranging from classic leading cases to ordinary situations which are the typical fare of the lowest courts), and notes by leading French academics and practitioners. These introduce the reader the French legal methodology, the respective roles of written and case law, interpretation of statutes and the creation of fundamental concepts of principles, methods of statutory drafting, the features of a judicial decision, and the corresponding need for doctrinal writings.
The methodology is ILlustrated by the substantive content of five chapters, dealing, by way of explanatory text and source materials, with constitutional law, judicial review of administrative action, the foundation of contracts, civil liability for traffic accidents, and divorce, grounds and consequences. The chapters are preceded by a general introduction, explaining the French legal system, and are followed by a bibliography giving suggestions for further reading.
The second edition takes account of considerable judicial activism relating, inter alia, to the current concerns in contemporary France with the sensitive issues of immigration, asylum, deportation and nationality, the freedom to express adherence to a religious belief and the principle of 'La

Main Contents

Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; The Formation of a Contract; Traffic Accidents; Divorce; Further Reading.

Summary Note

The primary sources in this work include the constitution and related documents, extracts from codes, statutes and regulations, decisions of the courts – from classic leading cases to everyday situations – and notes and commentaries by leading French academics and practitioners.

Table of Contents

Constitutional Law
Administrative Law
The Formation of a Contract
Traffic Accidents
Further Reading

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