The Byers lectures, 2000-2012

The Byers lectures, 2000-2012

The Byers lectures, 2000-2012

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Useful for students learning an area of law, The Byers lectures, 2000-2012 is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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Main Contents

Strength and perils : the Bar at the turn of the century / Gerard Brennan
Does Chapter III of the Constitution protect substantive as well as procedural rights? / M.H. McHugh
Legalism, realism and judicial rhetoric in constitutional law / Leslie Zines
What is wrong with top-down legal reasoning? / Keith Mason
Statutes / W.M.C. Gummow
The implications of the Constitution / D.F. Jackson
Theories of constitutional interpretation : a taxonomy / J.D. Heydon
Judicial review today / Sian Elias
Beyond the text : a VIsion of the structure and function of the Constitution / Stephen Gageler
Rules that ought not to be applied : the ultimate iconoclasm / David Bennett
Truth and the law / J.J. Spigelman
Dictator or dialogue? : The relationship between the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the European Court of Human Rights / Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers
Eulogy for Sir Maurice / Anthony Mason
Obituary for Sir Maurice / T.E.F. Hughes
An advocate's VIew of the judiciary / Maurice Byers
Speech on the occasion of his receiving a knighthood / Maurice Byers
Speech in response on the occasion of a dinner given in his honour on 17 June 1994 / Maurice Byers.

Summary Note

In 2000, the NSW Bar Association established an annual lecture in honour of Sir Maurice Byers Kt CBE QC, Commonwealth Solicitor-General 1973-1983; this volume contains the first 12 lectures, 2000-2012.

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