The EU and the WTO : legal and constitutional issues

The EU and the WTO : legal and constitutional issues

The EU and the WTO : legal and constitutional issues

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  • Creators or Attribution (Responsibility): Joanne Scott, G. De Búrca
  • Language: English
  • Jurisdiction(s): England
  • Publication Information: Oxford [England] ; Portland, Or. : Hart Pub., 2001
  • Type: Book
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Online version: EU and the WTO. Oxford [England] ; Portland, Or.: Hart Pub., 2001 (OCoLC)606610888

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X, 332 pages ; 23 cm

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Useful for students learning an area of law, The EU and the WTO : legal and constitutional issues is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Publisher: Hart Pub.
  • Responsable Person: edited by Gra?inne de Bu?rca and Joanne Scott.
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Country/State: England
  • Number of Editions: 23 editions
  • First edition Date: 2001
  • Last edition Date: 2003
  • Languages: English
  • Library of Congress Code: KJE958
  • Dewey Code: 349.4
  • ISBN: 1841131997 9781841131993
  • OCLC: 46984093

Main Contents

The impact of the WTO on EU decision-making / Grai?nne de Bu?rca and Joanne Scott
The EU and the WTO : constitutionalism in a new key / Neil Walker
The WTO and the EU : some constitutional comparisons / Peter Holmes
European and international constitutional law : time for promoting 'cosmopolitan democracy' in the WTO / Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann
Fundamental right or political whim? WTO law and the European Court of Justice / Steve Peers
Collision, co-existence or co-operation? Prospects for the relationship between WTO law and European Union law / Armin von Bogdandy and Tilman Makatsch
Neutrality or discrimination? The WTO, the EU and external trade / Marise Cremona
The WTO and EU distributive policy : the case of regional promotion and assistance / Thomas Cottier and Christophe Germann
Constitutional concepts for free trade in services / Piet Eeckhout
Trade in culture : international legal regimes and EU constitutional values / Bruno de Witte
Is there any such thing as free or fair trade? A constitutional analysis of the impact of international trade on the European social model / Miguel Poiares Maduro
The WTO impact on internal regulations : a case study of the Canada-EC asbestos dispute / Rob Howse and Elisabeth Tuerk.

Summary Note

These essays attempt to explore and elucidate some of the legal and constitutional complexities of the relationship between the EU and the WTO.

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