What is Scandinavian law? ; Social private law

What is Scandinavian law? ; Social private law

What is Scandinavian law? ; Social private law

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  • Language: English
  • Publication Information: Stockholm Institute for Scandinavian Law – Law Faculty, Stockholm University
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  • Other titles: Social private law.
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558 pages ; 25 cm.

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Useful for students learning an area of law, What is Scandinavian law? ; Social private law is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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Scandinavian studies in law, v. 50.

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  • Publisher: Stockholm University
  • Responsable Person: edited by Peter Wahlgren.
  • Number of Editions: 5 editions
  • First edition Date: 2007
  • Last edition Date: 2007
  • Languages: English
  • Library of Congress Code: KJC545
  • ISBN: 9789185142668 9185142662
  • OCLC: 191048595

Main Contents

what is Scandinavian law? / Ulf Bernitz
Non-contractual obligations in the Nordic countries : a European's perspective / Christian von Bar
Small claims enforcement in a high cost country : the German insurance ombudsman / Ju?rgen Basedow
What is Scandinavian law? : English lawyers look at Swedish and Norwegian insurance law / Hugh Beale and Hazra Khanom
Sweden's contribution to governance of the judiciary / John Bell
Nordic law in the early 21st century
maritime law / Lars Gorton
The Scandinavian law of obligations / Viggo Hagstr?m
A Scandinavian approach to corporate governance / Jesper Lau Hansen
Pro-active comparative law : the case of Nordic law / Ewoud Hondius
Scandinavian law in practical implication : characteristic features, solutions of international interest, social dimension / Ole Lando
Unique features in Swedish tax law / Gustaf Lindencrona
Harmonization or separation? Deep structures in Nordic legal cultures / Kjell A? Mode?er
EU public procurement law and Nordic labour law
recent developments and future challenges / Ruth Nielsen
Scandinavian idea of informational fairness in law
encounters of Scandinavian and European freedom of information and copyright law / Tuomas Po?ysti
The hidden secrets of Scandinavian contract law / Christina Ramberg
The vanishing Scandinavian sales law / Jan Ramberg
The Nordic countries in the vanguard of European family law / Jens M. Scherpe
Questioning the questionnaire : the unheard message from Scandinavian tort law / Ma?rten Schultz
The Scandinavians : reluctant and enthusiastic club members / Stig Stro?mholm
Scandinavian financial law / Philip R Wood
developments of social private law in Sweden / Johanna Schiratzki
Spouses' pension rights & financial settlement in case of a divorce / Margareta Brattstro?m
From Status VIa contract and social private law to the free movement
regulation of domestic work in Sweden / Catharina Calleman
The growth of social private law / Kent Ka?llstro?m
Silencing the conflict of interests between parental rights and the rights of the child? Legal requirements for the social services to interview children / Anna Kaldal & Pernilla Leviner
Legal information supply and the digital divide / Cecilia Magnusson Sjo?berg
Long term contracts between unequal parties in Sweden
a comparison between contracts of employment, franchising, consumer insurance and residential lease / Jonas Malmberg
Compensation for VIctims in public legislation and as a civil right / Ruth Mannelqvist
Children and advertising
a Swedish perspective on the relevant legal arguments / Lena Olsen
a growing problem / Annina H Persson
Gender in court
In the best interests of the child? A report from a research project on adjudication of parental responsibility in Swedish courts / Johanna Schiratzki
From person to party
the fundamental problem of social private law / Bo Wennstro?m
The “Social” in social law
an analysis of a concept in disguise / Mauro Zamboni
Some commercial aspects on labour law / So?ren O?man.

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