Status report for the Evaluation Committee.

Status report for the Evaluation Committee.

Status report for the Evaluation Committee.

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Useful for students learning an area of law, Status report for the Evaluation Committee. is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Number of Editions: 2 editions
  • First edition Date: 2001
  • Last edition Date: 2002
  • General Notes: “October 2001.”
  • Languages: English
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Main Contents

[V. 2.] Reader of characteristic articles. The Constitutional Court : applying the proportionality principle as a subsidary authority for the assessment of political outcomes / Christoph Engel
Offene Gemeinwohldefinitionen / Christoph Engel
New modes of governance in Europe : policy-making without legislation? / Adrienne He?ritier
The politics of public services in European regulation / Adrienne He?ritier
A (modest) proposal for expanding social citizenship in the European Union / Michael Bauer
Die Bedeutung der ultra-vires-Lehre als Massstab rechterlicher Kontrolle o?ffentlicher Gewalt in England / Florian Becker
Towards convergence in Europe? : institutional adaptation to Europeanization in Germany and Spain / Tanja A. Bo?rzel
Trust and political economy : institutions and the sources of inter-firm cooperation / Henry Farrell
Aggregation technology of common goods and its strategic consequences / Katharina Holzinger
Standardizing as governance : the case of credit rating agencies / Dieter Kerwer
Das Problem der Altlastentdeckung : Anreize zur Informationsenthu?llung durch eine Kronzeugenregelung / Roswitha Kleineidam
Private governance accross multiple arenas : European interest associations as interface actors
Christoph Knill
Bringing together or driving apart the Union? : towards a theory of differentiated integration / Alkuin Ko?lliker
Error minimization and deterance in agency control : judicial review and the role of the standard of proof / Markus A. Lehmann
Multiple providers of governance services : settling transnational commercial disputes / Dirk Lehmkuhl
Gemeinsinnfor?dernde Gu?ter : Die Rechtsordnung zwischen Restriktion und Gemeinsinn und die Folgerungen fu?r einen interdisziplina?ren Zugang / Jo?rn Lu?demann
The case of public mission versus competition rules and trade rules / Leonor Moral Soriano
Global networks and local values / Lorenz Mu?ller
Das Elend der theoretischen Wirtschaftspolitik : gibt es einen “evolutorischen” Ausweg / Stefan Okruch
Local values, global networks and the return of private law : on the function of civil law and private international law in cyberspace / Wolf Osthaus
Staatliche Entscheidungen unter Unsicherheit : Juristische und o??komische Vorgaben / Indra Spiecker gen. Do?hmann
Why is the river Rhine cleaner than the Great Lakes (despite looser regulation)? / Marco Verweij.

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